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Who Needs Canon?

Underdog Shippers Unite!

Underdog shippers unite!
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Are you a shipper that is tired of being crushed by canon? Traumatised by trailers? Shocked by storylines?

Then this is the place for you! Here you can safely nurture your underdog ship free from interference from TPTB's decisions. Post your fic, icons and have a general chat about all that is good in your fandoms.

All fandoms are welcome (I've just put in a few to get us started). Fic can be rated G to NC-17, though please warn as appropriate. Het, slash, threesomes etc all welcome, though no RP or underage please. Any ship is welcome, as long as there is no canon romantic relationship, or excessive use of UST. You all know the ships I'm talking about! But if there is any doubt the community can decide. Don't say I'm not a dictator with democratic leanings. :p

Also heated discussion is more than welcome. Flaming or general nastiness isn't. Respect is our key word here. And if it isn't yours... well, I have a delete button and I'm not afraid to use it.